Special Heavy Machinery

It’s including Side sheet pile vibro, Long boom and Short boom.

Controlled Demolition

This method is best suited for bridge demolition, silos, chimneys and structures on isolated or heavily controlled and secure sites.

Uncontrolled Demolition

This method is used for demolition of old Buildings, ROB, Bridges, Flyover, silo,
Over Head Water Tanks, Chimney and any kind of RCC Structures.


Controlled Demolition

Controlled Demolition Method requires engineering expertise to decide which key structural members should be cut or removed in the correct …

Uncontrolled Demolition

For Bridges, Buildings, such as houses that are only two or three stories high, dismantling is a rather simple process. …

Side Sheet Pile Vibro Hammer

Movax sheet piler is a high frequency hydraulic vibrator, typically mounted to a large excavator Suitable for different site and …

Long Boom / Long Reach Excavator

Long reach machines are not suitable for the high side twisting forces that can be exerted by demolition attachments and …

Rebaring & Anchor / Bolt Grouting

Fixing of Rebars and Thread rods/Bolts using high strength grouting chemicals (Make: Wurth, Hilti etc).

Safety Corner

At R.k. & Co. we believe that every accident is preventable through a combination of perfect planning proven procedures and …


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