RK & Company provides decommissioning and competitive demolition services. Our services includes land remediation, demolition, asset disposal, DE-planting, decontamination, hazard characterization and strategy development. We give importance to factors such as Environment, Health and Safety to protect our workers, customers and stakeholders. We constantly striving to improve.

We pride on our work with professionalism, integrity and flexibility to provide our most competitive services to clients.

Demolition Works

Gained from over 10 years experience in the demolition industry, RK & Company has created the teams of experts to implement innovative technologies to utilize and process industry advanced equipment to safeguard our reputation in demolition industry. We work in a challenging environment but still focus on utilizing environment friendly and safest techniques.

Each demolition project is different it has some uniqueness but still have some common things. RK & Company has broad-ranging experience to plan, design and implement projects. Our working methods and strict controls on highly skilled workers enable us to use most advanced techniques and machines to demolish efficiently and safely preserving recyclable material.

Demolition Services:

Buildings and Factories
Exterior and Interior Demolition
Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Factories Structures
Office Partitions
Mass Concrete Removal
Smoke Stacks and Tank Dismantling
Tunnels, Bridges and Roads
Tanks and Rafts
Water Tanks/Towers

Emergency Demolition Services for Following structures:

Bomb Damaged
Construction Failures
Earthquake Damaged
Fire Damaged
Industrial Explosions

Open Excavation

Excavation is not just another job. It involves getting yourself dirty and down to earth. But it also needs everything to be perfect to get things done. It is not a difficult task to have best excavation company when you know what you are looking for and where you should look. You should understand the role of the contractors to find the best excavation company.

Excavating contractors work on rebuilding highways, roads and restoring them to their perfect structure. It also include construction of ramps and overpasses. Main focus always on grading, dirt removal and dirt relocation.
Excavation needs for foundations, parking lots. preparatory work on house basements, crawl space and driveways.
You need excavation services even for your underground projects.
There is a lot more work that needs aid of excavation contractors.

Machine Hiring

RK & Company is also a team of professionals who provide heavy equipment rental. It includes mining, servicing, inspecting and delivering heavy equipment. RK & Company is leading in the rental of heavy equipment. We offer rental options.

RK & Company offers Hydraulic Earth-moving machinery, special attachments, Breakers and rippers etc. including all the best and latest equipment. Our workforce is conscious of productivity, safety and quality. We work in various projects like Reservoirs, Roads, Railways, Highways, Basements, Runways etc. Our General Civil Engineering Works includes Excavation in soft and hard rock and soil.

We offer following services :

Rental Services :

Earth-moving Equipment
Multiple attachment
Rock breaker
Under water rock breaking operation
Super long front end attachment

Contractual Services :

Civil Jobs
Excavation Projects
Erection jobs
irrigation Department Projects